You can't tell how far you've come unless you know where you started. 

Assessment comes in tiers. One - where are you? Two - how far have you come? Three - Where are you going? Nothing motivates likes getting part way up a hill (if you're hiking), or down a hill (if you're skiing) and looking back to where you started.  The "I did all that" assessment can be one of the strongest motivators for continued success in greater challenges, as well as understanding what did not work to make adjustments!

This section of the LEARN program will concentrate on setting benchmarks and milestones for all your programs, that will allow you to track how far you've come.  

To wrap up 2019, we will be focusing on Assessment.


This quarter, we encourage you to assess your physical, emotional, environmental, intellectual, occupational, social, spiritual and financial health and come up with a game plan to improve it. To do so, please feel free to complete the Wellness Self-Assessment and utilize BPAS’s assessment tool on their participant education center at

These assessments are CONFIDENTIAL and DO NOT need to be submitted to HR. They are strictly a tool to help you assess where you are and help you make goals for where you want to go for your own personal well-being.


Cheers to your accomplishments in 2019 & wishing you the best with your goals & new year resolutions in 2020!

Explore the main features:

  • Calculate your financial wellness score.

  • Get your personal financial action plan.

  • Navigate upcoming life events.

  • Access tools and resources to better manage your finances.

Why you'll love it:

  • Confidential.  Your assessment results, calculator inputs and items you view are confidential; individual data will not be shared with your employer.* 

  • Free.  There is no cost to access any of the program features.  And since Financial Finesse does not sell anything, you do not need to worry about solicitations for any products or services you don’t need.

  • Personalized.  Your wellness score and action plan are calculated by your assessment results and focus on your main financial priorities. 

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overview of the program:
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When we designed our McMahon Wellness program, we wanted it to be a multifaceted program to help our employees LEARN better ways to approach, and take responsibility for, their total wellbeing. With that in mind, we have already focused on relaxation, nutrition and exercise. This quarter is all about assessment. While it is important to assess our physical health and come up with a game plan to improve it, it is also important to assess our finances since there are numerous things to consider such as, managing debt, credit, protecting assets, identity theft, retirement and healthcare costs, and caring for family members. With this in mind, we have partnered with BPAS, our 401(k) plan administrator to offer, Financial Finesse. 

This program focuses on helping you in simple, easy to understand terms, broadening your financial knowledge, making sense of sometimes confusing choices, and most importantly acting on your financial future. You now have access to an online Financial Learning Center where you can take your confidential personal Financial Wellness Assessment.  Based on your answers you’ll be given a step-by-step personal action plan—just as if you had sat down with a financial planner.  Follow your action plan and use the resources in the Financial Learning Center to help work toward meeting your financial goals. We encourage you and your family members to take advantage of this program!

How to Access Financial Finesse:


McMahon  401(k) participants: To access the registration link for Financial Finesse, simply log into your BPAS account at  On the left hand side, select the Financial Finesse icon. This will open a new internet window and will prompt you to register for an account.


***If you have not logged into your BPAS account before, your user name will be your 9-digit Social Security Number without dashes or spaces (e.g. 123456789). Your password will be your date of birth entered as mmddyyyy (e.g. 05141977). After your initial log in, you will be prompted to create a new username and password.***


* Please note: you do not need to be an active participant in McMahon’s 401(k) plan to access the Financial Finesse site.  


If you are not currently enrolled in McMahon’s 401(k) plan, you can still access Financial Finesse by clicking on the link below.  There are no registration parameters. You can use a work or personal email and can create your own password.  (The employer zip is just to aide with demographics).

* Your particular answers and usage of the site will not be reported, nor shared with anyone. An aggregate report of basic demographic information collected from over 50,000 participants will be shared with BPAS annually. This will aid BPAS in customizing future participant initiatives.

Don't forget about your Financial Wellness too!

Sometimes it's scary to take a good look at the state of your finances, but its so important you really need to take the time and get a real view of what you have and where you want to go.


Whether it's getting your 401k set up for retirement planning, paying off credit cards, or putting money aside for college educations - having a clear view of your finances and techniques to achieve these goals should also be a priority in your assessment strategies. 

Tools to Help You Assess Your World

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Health Screening Standards

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The following are guidelines, always consult your physician for a full evaluation.

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