Congratulations to our Summer 2019 Hydration/Eat-A-Rainbow Challenge Winner:
Drew McKiernan!

The McMahon Wellness Committee - 2019 hydration/eat-a-rainbow challenge is complete and the top three winners are:


Drew McKiernan                       557.8 points

Steven Karaszkiewicz                555.8 points

Alyssa Bressi                            419.4 points


 The winners will have a choice of the prizes below and should contact Jessica Rogers with their prize selection:

  •  Reimbursement towards a one-month membership

  • NutriBullet

  • Standing Desk & Mat

  • Yoga ball Chair

Congratulations to Drew, Steven and Alyssa for accumulating the most points and Congratulations to everyone who participated!

Summer 2019 Challenge

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to increase your hydration level and to embark on a new food journey by enjoying a variety of colorful summer produce. 


The abundant energy and longer days of summer are inspiring.  We want everyone to win this challenge and be inspired to drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables.  To share this winning spirit and enthusiasm for summer, we are giving prizes to all employees.

The top three challenge participants will win an additional prize.  See below for a list of prizes and details.

Ways to Hydrate: 

  • Treat yourself to a fun new water bottle and fill throughout the day

  • Filter your water with a Brita brand or similar pitcher or bottle

  • Take water with you when you are on the go

  • Make infused waters by adding fruit and herbs

  • Fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelon, grapes, berries, and tomatoes add to your hydration level

  • Sparkling water, herbal teas, and fruit smoothies can also add to your hydration level


A Few Rainbow Food Benefits:

  • White/Brown– Immune System  & Lowers Cholesterol

  • Yellow/Orange – Heart Health & Supports Eye Sight

  • Red – Heart Health & Cancer Protector

  • Purple/Blue - Healthy Blood Vessels & Helps Memory

  • Green – Boosts Immune System & Improves Digestion


For This Challenge:

  • Enter how much water you drink per day in ounces (fruit infused water and water varieties such as sparkling can be included) Every 10 oz.= 1 Point

  • Enter the quantity of fruit and vegetable servings per day.  Every serving = 1 Point


The Top Three Participants will receive a prize of their choice from the below list:

  • Reimbursement towards one-month gym membership

  • NutriBullet

  • Standing Desk & Mat

  • Yoga Ball Chair

Rainbow Foods Links and Recipes:



Infused Water Recipes:

Congratulations to our Spring Fitness 2019 30 Day Walk Challenge
Winner: Conor Murphy!


The McMahon Wellness Committee 2019 walking challenge is complete.  The results are in and 23 participants reached the 200 points goal.


Prizes for reaching the 200 points goal are a choice of:

  • A Standing Desk

  • A Yoga Chair Ball for your Desk

  • A Fitbit

  • A Three Month Gym Membership

Conor Murphy is the overall winner with 566.08 points.  
Congratulations to Conor for leading the walking pack!

And The Winners Are:

  • Conor Murphy 

  • Drew McKiernan 

  • Ann Mark 

  • David Moyer 

  • Paul Furgal 

  • Sue DeMarino 

  • Bob Smith 

  • David DiGioia 

  • Helen Lam 

  • Jodie Evans 

  • Dave Cassell 

  • Lindsay Sienkiewicz 

  • Stephanie Butler 

  • Nickolas Holder 

  • Stephanie MacDonald 

  • Christopher Bauer 

  • Gorette McDonald 

  • Teresa Lord 

  • Emily Buck  

  • Timofey Tverdokhlebov 

  • Kyle Kessler 

  • Philip Viveiros 

  • Bob Wright 


Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who participated in this challenge!   

April 2019 Challenge

Our start date of April 24th is National Walk at Lunch Day.  We encourage everyone to start this challenge by going for a walk at lunch.  You will earn double challenge points by logging your steps on this day.


Get motivated to take a walk:


  • Walking increases our overall health and well-being.

  • Compared to running, walking places less stress on our bones, joints, and connective tissue.

  • Walking, like any exercise, improves our overall mood and promotes better brain function.

To Begin:

  • Start by walking at a pace that allows you to walk and talk at the same time

  • Walk for as many steps as you are comfortable walking

  • Work up to walking 10,000 steps (or 5 miles) per day


Walk daily and log your steps here:

Prizes for our top tier walker will be a choice of:

-A Standing Desk

-A Yoga Ball Chair for your Desk

-A Fitbit

-A three month gym membership

Below is a link to McMahon Office walk & bike path maps:


Other Motivating links to help you on your walking journey: recently released new guidelines for physical activity.  One of the key guidelines for adults is:


Adults should move more and sit less throughout the day.  Some physical activity is better than none.  Adults who sit less and do any amount of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity gain some health benefits.  To see the full guidelines, click on the link below:

March 2019 Challenge



You can use these wonderful apps. The first few sessions are FREE!

waking up.jpg
  • You can find quiet space in your home or in the office and just breathe deeper by lengthening the inhale and the exhale.   This will relax the mind.


  • You can find a meditation class near you and take what you learn home with you to practice every day.

  • You can find a book or an online course in meditation and begin to explore the many forms of meditation to start from a place that feels natural.  

Prizes for the most frequent meditator will be a choice of:

  • Yoga Studio Class Pass

  • Meditation Cushion

  • Meditation App Subscription

  • Essential Oils Diffuser

Congratulations to our Lifestyle Challenge winner: Bob Wright!


With a commendable 552 points, Bob will choose from the following prizes:

  • $100 reimbursement towards an active gym membership

  • $100 gift card to a favorite sporting goods store

  • A Nutri Ninja Bullet 8-Piece Blender Set


Congratulations to our runner up, Natalie Raffol, who will receive a set of McMahon Exercise Bands!


Thank you to everyone that participated and helped make this challenge a success! 

Check out the source of our inspiration here.

Preventive Care Challenge

July 23 - November 30, 2018



Preventive exams and other routine health screenings help keep you healthy. Here’s how.


  • Early detection. Your doctor can often detect early warning signs of more serious issues.

  • Information. Preventive visits are your chance to ask questions about your overall health and wellness.


Preventive care visits can make a big difference in your health. And your long-term health care costs.

Click HERE for the Preventive Care Form.

30 Day Challenge

October 22 - November 18, 2018


Improve your everyday lifestyle by making healthy choices for 30 Days


  • We Even Provide a Checklist, HERE!

  • For each box you check, you earn one point

  • Log your daily points into Challenge Runner

  • Don’t have an account? Sign up HERE


The goal of this challenge is to make one healthy lifestyle choice after another.

Prize Details:


  • Nail down 500 points in 30 days and receive McMahon Exercise Bands

  • Earn the MOST points in 30 days and choose from

    • $100 reimbursement towards an active gym membership

    • $100 gift card to your favorite sporting goods store

    • A Nutri Ninja Bullet 8-Piece Blender Set


Check out the source of our inspiration here.


Congratulations to our Sleep Challenge drawing winner, Bob Wright!


Bob will be receiving a Tempurpedic Pillow to continue his healthy sleeping habits.


Thank you to everyone that participated and helped make this challenge a success! 

McMahon Sleep Challenge

September 4 - October 4, 2018

With vacation season coming to an end and the kids heading back to school, it’s time to commit to healthier living again!  One of the most important health behaviors that suffers during the summer months is sleep.  The Wellness Committee would like to help everyone get back on a healthy sleep schedule.

Please join us in the MCMAHON SLEEP CHALLENGE!


The Wellness Committee challenges you to set a goal of sleeping seven hours per night.  The challenge will begin Tuesday, September 4th and run through Thursday, October 4th. To receive credit, you must log into the system each day and enter the hours slept the night before.  This challenge will run for 30-Days. 


At the conclusion of this period, participants with at least 195 hours of sleep recorded will be entered into a drawing for a Tempurpedic Pillow.

Helpful Articles on the benefits of sleep:

sleep challenge article 1.jpg
sleep challenge article 2.jpg

May Challenge

May 17 - June 15


Join our 30-day walking challenge starting May 17 through June 15 for some fun and healthy competition! All you have to do is sign-in to the link below and log your daily steps throughout the week. 


The goal is to walk 7,000 steps a day. Every 1,000 steps is worth 1 point!


Gear Tiers

Reach 200 Points by June 15 = McMahon Exercise Shirt

Bonus if you reach 450 Points you get McMahon Exercise Bands!

The Wellness Committee has also mapped out walking paths by each office to help you get moving during the work day!


The maps can be found on the McMahon Wellness Exercise Page HERE


To kick off the event on Thursday, May 17th,

each office will do a group walk during lunch along their office path!



Keep track of your daily water and fruit/veggie intake from
February 14 - March 14 and you can win a McMahon Wellness Backpack!

Everyone who completes the challenge receives a 
16 oz. Wellness cup but check out the details on the challenge site to learn about how to win the backpack!


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