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Choosing to seek a healthier lifestyle, means change and that can be scary. Along they way you may have picked up habits that are no longer helping you, you see this and now you're choosing a different path. This lifestyle change can be something like getting to the gym regularly, giving up smoking, watching what you are eating, getting outside more, meditating - but the key to all of this change is actually doing it for the rest of your life. It's not a one and done program. It's not a quick answer. It is a fundamental shift in your approach. This section of the LEARN program will concentrate on enabling and supporting you in attaining the new lifestyle that you seek. 

Countless stories talk to the importance of having a good sleep cycle for a healthier lifestyle. When you're tired concentration drops, mistake are more frequent and it's harder to just feel good every day. We thought it was so important that we've included a section in the Lifestyle section specifically about this important topic. 

Go to Sleep!

Just for LAFFS!

We have all heard that laughter is the best medicine. So we are including a section that is intended to be funny. This is FAKE NEWS and absurd news, and just goofy news. If you see any of these in your daily social worlds, feel free to send them on!  

Wondr (Formerly Naturally Slim)

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