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Stories of success, challenges overcome, goals for the future ... Check them out here!

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A Review of Wondr by Jason Adams


Coming out of Summer 2020 with the pandemic still raging, I thought if ever I was going to give losing weight a go, now was that time and I signed up for Naturally Slim (now Wondr) and decided to fully commit to the ten-week program.

Read how the "Engineer" in Jason appreciated the structure of what the Wondr program asks.

Happy in Her Own Skin! 
A Review of Naturally Slim by Alyssa Bressi


Most of you probably have had the bubbly experience of working with Alyssa Bressi, the wonderfully helpful and enthusiastic Administrative Assistant in our Exton office. In October of this last year she decided to take charge of her health and weight and tried the Naturally Slim program offered by McMahon.


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Stories within Challenges

Find out what our top participants have said regarding McMahon's Wellness Challenges.

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Dara Clough (Lincoln)


Why did you sign up for the Hydration Challenge? I am always up for a challenge! I was trying to eat healthier and drink more water on my own so this came at the right time..


What was your biggest motivation throughout the challenge?  Once I started doing well with my ranking, I wanted to stay there! This kept me on track!


What surprised you about the challenge?  I was surprised by how easy it was to have more than 5 servings of fruis and vegetables in a day when I planned it. The majority of my points came from these servings instead of drinking water, like most of the other challengers.

Alyssa2 - Colorado ranch on

Alyssa Bressi (Exton)

Why did you sign up for the Hydration Challenge?  I signed up for the Hydration Challenge because I knew I already drank a lot of water on a daily basis, and my being in the competition helped me to chart my own water intake.


What was your biggest motivation throughout the challenge?   My biggest motivation throughout the Hydration Challenge was trying to keep up with the toughest competitors!

What surprised you about the challenge?  My being in 2nd place in the Hydration Challenge was a pleasant surprise since there were so many other great participants!

Michelle Rogers (FTW)

Why did you sign up for the Hydration Challenge?  For the water challenge, I knew I needed to drink more water on a daily basis and the log would help me be more aware of how much I was drinking each day.  For the walking challenge, I was already a walker but had wanted to increase my daily steps for awhile now and the challenge motivated me to do so.


What was your biggest motivation throughout the challenge?   In the walking challenge, having so many people see how many steps I was doing helped me to not fall off too often!  It also helped that I was on vacation for more than a week and walking came with the territory.  Once I was halfway through and was able to maintain that many steps I was determined to keep it up throughout the challenge. Having someone so close to my count was also a great motivator.  It definitely brought out my compentive side.


What surprised you about the challenge?  That not that many people took part in it or took advantage of getting a free or very reduced price on the FitBit. 

Getting `Naturally Slim' - A Program that Worked for Me by "Coach" Anton Kuhner (FTW)

There is another wellness benefit being introduced for all Cigna medical plan participants and their dependents. The program is called Naturally Slim and it is presented by Healthy Business Group. It is a lifestyle program intended for individuals who are interested in losing weight in addition to improving other health risk factors.

Our Anton Kuhner tested the program and here's his thoughts: 

A Crossfit Life by Natalie Raffol (Boston)

Crossfit has not only been an exercise regimen for me, but a way to practice goal setting, form social connections, and learn more about myself. The multifaceted nature of what Crossift provides me and many others who leap into its realm of burpees, countdown timers, and barbells, is what I think keeps us there. Wanting to be fit and exercising accordingly is likely not enough to keep you moving in the long run. You have to find something that motivates you beyond the sweat and makes you excited to exercise as part of your daily habit.


Almost 5 years after my Crossfit journey began, this is what keeps me going:

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